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World Wide English on DVD ‒Volume 1‒

with Self-Study DVD

Authors Akira Morita / Akihiko Sato / Atsushi Fujimoto / Yuko Yamamoto / Daichi Ikutani / Bill Benfield
Genres DVD
Format B5 / 96P
Price 2,400yen(2,592yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791910212
Audio Language Amer E / Brit E / 他
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TM World Wide English on DVD –Volume 1–Teacher's Script CD World Wide English on DVD 1 -Revised Edition-

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In this DVD-based course, students can hear young people of their own age from all over the world talking in simple English about the culture, geography and daily life of their countries.

This DVD-based course is designed to boost students’ vocabulary and basic skills by introducing them to living English from an attractive array of young people around the world. While improving their knowledge of the culture of English-speaking countries and regions, they will also be able to get a vivid picture of the lives of these vibrant young people using a friendly, casual style of communication. The classroom DVD is rich in variety and will act as a great motivator for students. A mini-test for each unit is contained in the teacher’s manual. 


Los Angeles (Introduction, Documentary) / Scotland (Introduction, Documentary) / Canada (Introduction, Documentary) / Review Unit 1 / New Zealand (Introduction, Documentary) / England (Introduction, Documentary) / The Bahamas (Introduction, Documentary) / Review Unit 2 (14 units)