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Britain in a Changing World

Authors John H. Randle / Atsushi Mukuhira
Genres Four Skills
Format B5 / 96P
Price 1,800yen(1,944yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791910311
Audio Language Brit E
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TM Britain in a Changing World
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Britain in a Changing World presents a snapshot of Great Britain today. Written in“natural”English, students will develop a greater appreciation of Britain as they read about its rich culture.

Key Features
◆High-interest topics on famous faces, places and issues in the U.K. such as soccer superstar, David Beckham and the complicated relationship England has with Europe
◆Exercises increase reading comprehension and the use of authentic English
◆Each unit contains: Warm-up/ Reading Comprehension/ Exercises
◆Table of Contents: David Beckham/ J.K. Rowling/ Vivienne Westwood/ Prince William/ Cherie Booth/ The National Trust/ Manchester/ Britain's Waterways/ Stonehenge/ Edinburgh/ Relations with Europe/ Food and Drink/ Growing Old/ Cars/ Britain/ The Olympics/ London Buildings/ Twin Giants/ Sporting Names/ London Theatre
(20 units total)