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Interactive Business English on DVD

with Self-Study DVD

Authors Yutaka Tokuda / Hiromi Murakami / Sachiko Takagi / Etsuko Sasai / Yoshiko Hamazaki
Genres DVD / Economics / Business / Business English / Conversation
Format B5 / 98P
Price 2,500yen(2,750yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791930906
Audio Language Brit E
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TM Interactive Business English on DVDTeacher's CD

A variety of international business scenarios brought to life on DVD for intermediate students.

Key Features
Rich DVD content focusing on business interaction
Comprehensive practice in all four language skills
Full range of backup exercises
Fosters cross-cultural communication skills

Unit Structure
Objective / Story summary/ Target words & phrases / DVD script & dictation / Reading / Useful expressions / Structures / Writing


Making Contact / Getting to Know You / Dining Out / Can I Ask Who is Calling Please? / Let's Stick to the Schedule / Tell Us about Yourself / Could We Meet Next Week? / Can I Make a Point Here? / I'm not Sure I Agree / Today's Topic is … / To Sum UP / Any Questions? / Making the Offer / That's My Final Offer / Finalizing the Deal