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CBS News Flash on DVD 2

with Self-Study DVD

Authors Yukitoshi Watanabe / Mitsuhiro Iwasaki / Yukiko Ito / Cuong Huynh
Genres DVD
Format B5 / 120P
Price 2,300yen(2,484yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791931170
Audio Language Amer E
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TM CBS News Flash on DVD 2

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A follow-up to the very well received CBS Newsflash on DVD 1, this book is extremely effective in improving students' listening ability.

Key Features
Flash function displays the meaning of important vocabulary and pronunciation on screen. 
Questions shown along with visuals aid comprehension. 
Dictation exercises range from partial (3-10 words) to full sentences.
The Varied exercises include a composition section that will allow students to upgrade their skills by putting vocabulary to practical use. 
Teacher's Manual contains a word list that the teacher can exploit in various ways. 


Security for Inauguration / President’s First Day / Auto Sales / Leading by Example / Behind Wall Street Bonuses / Six Years Later in Iraq / Giving / Rising Rivers / Commercial Real Estate / China’s Economy / Emergency Room Visits / Looking Up / Selling Gold / Insurance Scam / Rethinking Retirement(Total 15 Units)