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Searching the Future‚ Reviewing the Past

Authors David Dykes / Kenichi Kadooka
Genres Essay / Social Issues /
Format B5 / 100P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791933938
Audio Language Amer E
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A thoroughgoing explanation of issues from Japan and around the world that will appeal to students’ interests

This text presents a variety of up-to-date social issue from Japan and around the world, including the Linear Shinkansen, AKB48, Mt Fuji’s World Heritage listing, high-level vegetable cultivation, self-driving cars, Germany’s decision to renounce nuclear energy, the transmission of history, eels and tuna, the Eurozone, female athletes, baby hatches, 3D printers, computer games, marathon tours, shale gas, washoku and kimchi, views of old Edo, organ transplants, and the Rio and Tokyo Olympics. The teacher’s manual contains four sets of test questions.


AKB 48 and the Music Promotion World / Mt Fuji: The Responsibilities of Heritage / Tasty Vegetables / Can Cars Drive Themselves? / Germany’s Departure from Nuclear Energy / Lest the World Forget: History as Storytelling / Ell and Tuna / Still Applying to Join the Euro / Female Athletes Dramatized / Island of Safety -- or Baby Hatches? / Seven Days, Six Nights and a Run / Cross-Border Organ Transplants / A Restored View of Old Edo? (20 units)