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Getting Ready to Go Abroad

Authors Shoji Tanemura / Takuji Shimada / Toru Nagaoka
Genres Listening・Speaking / Travel English
Format B5 / 120P
Price 1,800yen(1,980yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791940240
Audio Language Amer E

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Getting Ready to Go Abroad is filled with useful English expressions to use while traveling overseas. Based on Japanese high school level English, this listening based book is a must have for those traveling abroad.

Key Features
◆Useful expressions to use in numerous different social scenarios that one encounters when traveling abroad.
◆Reading exercises include menus, advertisements, timetables, traffic signs and maps to provide real life practice
◆Useful travel tips in Japanese are included
◆Unit Structure: Dialog/ Listening Comprehension/ Vocabulary/ Substitution Drills/ Writing Exercise/ Reading for Information
◆Table of Contents: At the Airport/ On an Airplane/ Immigration and Customs/ At a Hotel-Making a Reservation & Checking In/ At a Restaurant/ At a Fast-food Restaurant/ Sightseeing (Part 1)/ Sightseeing (Part 2)/ At a Train Station/ Traveling by Bus and Train/ At a Rent-a-Car Office/ At a Gas Station/ Asking Directions/ Shopping/ Buying Concert Tickets/ Making a Phone Call/ At a Post Office/ At a Bank/ Losing Traveler's Checks & Asking for a Refund/ At a Hotel (Part 2)- Making a Complaint & Checking Out ( 20 Lessons Total)