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Both Sides Now A Study of Current Controversial Issues

Authors Toru Nishimoto / Benjamin Porter
Genres Four Skills / Debate・Discussion
Format B5 / 102P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791940448
Audio Language Amer E
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Both Sides Now is a popular text that explores 15 different controversial social issues while building upon listening, reading, vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Designed specifically for Japanese students, this book assists students in comprehending challenging topics.

Key Features
◆Both sides of controversial issues are explored to nurture critical thinking techniques
◆Methodical framework helps students express their own views in class
◆Focus on listening, reading, vocabulary acquisition and the comprehension of content
◆Unit Structure: Reading/ Listening/ Writing Exercise
◆Table of Contents: Smoking/ College Students/ Sexual Discrimination/ Bullying in School/ Sex education in School/ Gambling/ The Death Penalty/ University Entrance Examinations/ Elementary School to High School/ Violence/ Same-sex Marriage/ Gun Control in the U.S./ Animal Rights/ Euthanasia/ Foreigners in Japan (15 Units total)