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Nature and the Environment

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Authors Greg Goodmacher / Kazuo Fukuda
Genres Social Issues / Environment
Format B5 / 100P
Price 1,700yen(1,836yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791940455
Audio Language Amer E
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Nature and the Environment increases students reading, listening, writing and conversational skills while raising awareness of the serious environmental problems the world is facing today.

Key Features
◆Designed to develop the four skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking)
◆Explores serious environmental problems and how they impact ones daily life
◆Vocabulary exercises familiarize students into making educated guesses through context
◆Thought provoking photographs that depict environmental issues
◆Unit Structure: Prereading exercise/ Vocabulary/ Reading Text/ Comprehension Check/ Express Your Ideas
◆Table of Contents: Why Study Environmental Issues?/ Endangered and Extinct Species/ Medicines from Nature/ Rain Forests/ Ecotourism/ Wildlife Trafficking/ Abuse of the Oceans/ Freshwater Pollution/ Acid Rain/ Air Pollution/ Global Warming/ Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy/ Renewable Sources of Energy/ Toxic Catastrophes/ Sick Building Syndrome/ The Population Explosion/ The Problem of Too Much Garbage/ Environmental Problems Crossing Borders/ Organizing to Protect the Environment/ Environmental Successes (20 Chapters total)