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Watching TV Commercials (II)

Authors Akio Iwasaki / Thomas Smith / Tony Tuseth
Genres Video
Format B5 / 86P
Price 1,800yen(1,980yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791945597
Audio Language Amer E
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This follow up to the popular Watching TV Commercials (I) continues to analyze the hidden messages and meanings of well-known commercials and public service announcements. Filled with even more comprehensive questions than the first series, this video-based text illustrates how humor, irony and sarcasm can convey a country's values, norms and customs.

Key Features
◆Commercials are divided by genre: humor, irony, social awareness, etc.
◆Explanations of the underlying meaning, context, cultural references
◆Commercials featuring celebrities such as Madonna and Michael Jackson
◆Numerous listening, comprehension exercises for upper intermediate level students
◆Unit Structure: Watch the video/ Explanation/ Exercises
◆Table of Contents: NYNEX/ Federal Express/ Dr. Pepper/ Budweiser/ British Airways/ Apple Computer/ NIKE/ IBM, etc.