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Travel English at Your Fingertips

Authors Takuji Shimada / Hidetami Nakai / Bill Benfield
Genres Listening・Speaking / Travel English
Format B5 / 120P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791945641
Audio Language Amer E
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For most students, the best opportunity to try out their English is when they are traveling abroad. Taking this into consideration, this book covers many different scenarios students will encounter while abroad. Through various types of listening and practice exercises students will learn how to communicate smoothly and effectively.

Key Features
◆Listening exercises are filled with authentic dialogue and terminology
◆Reading and writing exercises feature real life materials such as Customs Declarations, subway maps, coupons, etc.
◆Useful travel websites for additional information are included 
◆Unit Structure: Pre-Listening Exercise/ Comprehension Questions/ Dictation/ Related Dialogues/ Useful Expressions/ Translation/ Vocabulary
◆Table of Contents: On an Airplane/ At Immigration and Customs/ Getting to a Hotel/ Checking Into a Hotel/ At a Restaurant/ Taking a Subway/ Asking for Directions/ Fast-Food Restaurant & Snack Bar/ At a Bank/ Hotel Services/ Placing a Phone Call/ Visiting a Campus/ At a Pharmacy/ Renting a Car/ At a Gas Station/ Making Hotel Reservations/ At a Post Office/ At a Gift Shop/ Checking Out/ Making Complaints/ Dealing with Problems/ At the Airport (22 Chapters total)