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CBS News Watching (1)

with Self-Study CD

Authors Minoru Ohtsuki / Jon M. Brokering
Genres Video
Format B5 / 100P
Price 2,100yen(2,310yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791945825
Audio Language Amer E
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CBS News Watching is a video-based course that analyzes news broadcasts from the CBS Evening News. Through paraphrasing, guessing from context and reading between the lines, students will master the tools necessary in comprehending news broadcasts. As a result, students will develop an interest in watching and analyzing the news even after they finish the course.

Key Features
◆Made up of carefully selected excerpts from the CBS Evening News
◆Featured topics include Michael Jackson's court appearance, gay marriage, Google IPO, etc.
◆Provides students exposure to authentic current English through video and extensive practice materials 
◆Paraphrasing, guessing from content and listening tips teach students the tools necessary in comprehending news broadcasts
◆Unit Structure: Key Words and Expressions/ Listening Comprehension/ Paraphrasing/ Guessing from the context/ What is really meant?/ Summarizing the broadcast
◆Table of Contents: Kids' Meals/ When Gators Attack/ The Power of Prayer/ Under God/ Gay Marriage/ Google IPO/ Billboard Backlash/ Michael Jackson Late for Court/ War Games/ The Exxon Valdez/ Cheer Fears/ Feng Shui/ Toxic Toys in Gumball Machines/ New Treatment for Brain Damage (14 Units total)

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