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Meet the World 2020

English through Newspapers

Authors Yasuhiko Wakaari
Genres Current English / Four Skills /
Format B5 / 128P
Price 2,000yen(2,200yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791972173
Audio Language Amer E
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The book is made up of 20 articles selected from the Japan News, one of Japan’s leading English language newspapers. For the benefit of students who are new to reading English newspapers or those who are not good at dealing with longer texts, there is an introduction to the features of English language newspapers, and the articles are arranged according to word count and difficulty of topic. As well as systematically developing the four skills, it also includes tasks to improve note taking, critical thinking and self-expression. The teacher’s manual includes four tests along with supplementary tasks.


Foreign visitors go on record shopping spree
Japanese companies in rural areas facing diffi culty in hiring graduates
Niigata rice exports to China start
India plans manned space mission by 2021
Saudi teenager ‘under the care’ of U.N. agency
Shenzhen switches to electric taxis
Frog calls may help improve telecom technology
Japan to power fi shing boats with Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cells
Study: Greenland ice melting four-fold faster than decade ago, etc.
(Total 20 Units)