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Meet the World 2022

-English through Newspapers-

Authors Yasuhiko Wakaari
Genres Current English / Four Skills /
Format B5 / 128P
Price 2,000yen(2,200yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791972517
Audio Language Amer E
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Reading Passages (2nd Edition)Teacher's Manual

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This textbook consists of 20 articles from one of Japan’s leading English newspapers, The Japan News. Taking into account learners who are new to English newspapers and those who have trouble with longer texts, the articles are arranged based on word count and the difficulty of topic, and include an introduction to the particular features of newspaper English, comprehensive development of the four skills, critical thinking and self-expression, as well as boosting note-taking skills and self-expression. Teacher’s materials include four sets of exam examples and auxiliary tasks.


Self-made South Korean billionaires promise to give half away

Lockdown-weary Malaysians get appetite for drive-in dining

Treaty to ban nukes enters into force, though without Japan, nuclear powers 

France to extend lifetime of old nuclear power plants

Diamond Princess captain: Passengers’ letters supported crew, etc. (Total 20 Units)