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Integrated Technical English

Authors Terry Phillips / Kenji Hitomi / Eiichi Yubune
Genres Science and Technology English・COCET Vocabulary
Format B5 / 128P
Price 2,200yen(2,000yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791900756
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's Manual (3rd printing)


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The aim of Integrated Technical English is to assist students who will go on to study a technical course in English. Covering a wide range of topics from physics to environmental science, students can expect to expand their vocabulary and strengthen their reading and listening skills.

Key Features
◆Brief overview of technical English for upper intermediate level students
◆Featured topics include: basic arithmetic, Periodic table of elements, the Human Genome Project, the food chain, protons, neutron and electrons, etc.
◆Focus on developing reading and listening skills
◆By the end of the course, students will have been introduced to 500 basic words in technical English
◆Ideal for students who will go on to study a technical course in English
◆Unit Structure: Vocabulary/ Reading/ Listening
◆Table of Contents: Numbers/ Arithmetic/ Points and lines/ Surfaces and angles/ Spaces and volumes/ Measuring/ Algebra and formulas/ Elements and compounds/ States of matter/ Properties of matter/ Symbols and keys/ Natural or man-made?/ Structures and plans/ Cells, organs and systems/ Chains, webs and cycles/ Bits and bytes/ LANs and WANs/ Force, loads and tools/ Energy and motion/ Electricity and magnetism/ Micromachines (21 Units total)