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VOA News Clip Collection

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Authors Seisuke Yasunami / Richard S. Lavin
Genres Online Video Streaming / EnglishCentral
Format B5 / 112P
Price 2,400yen(2,640yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791910229
Audio Language Amer E
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A hybrid course bringing together videos and accompanying text from VOA and the worldwide web. An integrated skills course that balances the four skills effectively.

This video-based course is taken from Voice of America News on the English Central Channel. Each clip lasts from 1 to 3 minutes and has been specially selected to appeal to students’ interests. Each unit comes with various activities including Dialogue, Vocabulary, Listening, True/False, Comprehension, Sentence Completion, Summary, Pronunciation and Jazz Chants. There is also an online version, which will boost students’ ability to talk together. Using the material for self-study is another very useful application for raising students’ skill level. 


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