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Imagining Tomorrow

Authors Bruce Allen / Makoto Shishido
Genres Four Skills / Environment / Science
Format B5 / 112P
Price 1,800yen(1,980yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791910328
Audio Language Amer E
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The 21st Century is characterized by significant advancements in science and technology. Imagining Tomorrow explains these complicated developments in easy to understand English. Unlike previous reading textbooks that stressed translating English into Japanese, this text emphasizes comprehending English without having to translate.

Key Features
◆Current topics related to science and technology
◆Tips for aggressive reading teaches how to read faster without having to translate into Japanese (Scanning, predicting, identifying patterns, etc.)
◆Grammar exercises focus on reviewing important grammar points
◆Bilingual notes were written using Random House's New Shogakukan English-Japanese dictionary as a reference
◆Each unit contains: Tips for Aggressive Reading/ Reading/ Grammar Review
◆Table of contents: The March of the Microbes/ Genetic Doping/ Ethics in Science/ Stem Cell Research/ Tsunami, Hurricanes, and Global Warming/ World Population/ After the Peak Oil Crash/ Starvation, Famine, and Hunger/ Nanotechnology/ Efficient Cars/ Cyborgs/ Identity Theft/ Chaos Theory/ Comets, Meteors, and Asteroids/ Space Stations and Outer Space Exploration/ Life on Other Planets/ Arguing against Evolution/ Fixing Nature/ Remaking the Face of the Earth/ Protecting our National Heritage (20 Lessons total)