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Intercultural Miscommunication Tales from a Returnee’s Culture Shock

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Authors Mary Muro / Teruyuki Kume
Genres Intercultural Communication /
Format A5 / 94P
Price 1,600yen(1,760yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791912773
Audio Language Amer E

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Those who have been fortunate enough to have experienced living in different countries have the unique perspective of understanding diverse cultures. Author, Mary Muro, whose father worked for the United Nations, has lived in Egypt, Afghanistan, France, the United States and Japan. Her vast international experience and culture shock she experienced when returning to Japan sheds light on international awareness and successful communication.

Key Features
◆Stimulating topics include the importance of speaking up in class, the importance of being direct, the dangers of transplanting Japanese indirectness into English and speaking in a culturally appropriate way
◆Can be used as a supplementary reading text on the intermediate level
◆Effective in developing reading skills and generating discussion in class, while promoting cultural awareness
◆Unit Structure: Reading passage/ T/F/ Multiple Choice
◆Table of Contents: Introduction/ Part 1: Taking time and being on time/ Space: Don't insult me!/ Part 2: Why do Japanese ask so many questions?/ But foreigners are always asking questions, too!/ Part 3: The meaning of silence and pauses/ Answer me NOW! Responding to questions/ Hurry up and get to the point!/ Look at me when you're talking!/ Part 4: The importance of saying "No"/ If all else fails, Smile! But don't laugh/ But in Japan, apologize!/ Which comes first, culture or language?