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Britain at a Watershed

Authors John H. Randle / Atsushi Mukuhira
Genres Four Skills / British Affairs
Format B5 / 100P
Price 1,900yen(2,052yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791934157
Audio Language Brit E
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A multi-skills text that focuses on events that have shaken Britain to its core.

The London-based writer of this text portrays the current state of Britain as it stands at a historical watershed. The essays give the reader a vivid picture of how society is changing. The book also features several contemporary photos. This multi-skills text aims to develop practical English proficiency through a wide variety of tasks including comprehension, vocabulary and dialogues. The teacher’s manual contains a mini-test for each unit as well as four regular tests.


The Brexit Referendum / The New Mayor of London / Brits on Bikes / Oxford and Cambridge – Looking to the Future / A Profile of Cornwall / The Cost of Being Young Today / It All began at Rugby School? / Britain and the Sea / Images of Scotland / “The New Look” – Beards and Tattoos / The Japanese in Britain / Health Matters / The House of Windsor: Crisis and Continuity / The Changing London Skyline / Women’s Rights: A Look through History / Women in Britain Today: A Report / The White Rose of York / Charles Dickens: Childhood and Christmas / The Great British Bake Off / Brits Abroad (Total 20 units)