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Short Listening for Travel

Authors Takuji Shimada / Robert K. Hickling
Genres Listening [Supplementary] / Travel English
Format B5 / 48P
Price 800yen(880yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791945214
Audio Language Amer E

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Short Listening for Travel is the perfect book for exposing pre-intermediate level students to travel English. Through concise listening exercises students will gain confidence in using English in their future travel experiences.

Key Features
◆Listening course for pre-intermediate level students
◆Divided by different travel themes
◆Short one page lessons that can be covered in 15-20 minutes 
◆Unit Structure: Listening/ Dictation
◆Table of Contents: Checking in at the Airport/ Plane Announcement/ Lost Baggage/
At Immigration/ Making a Hotel Reservation/ Getting to a Hotel/ Checking into a Hotel/
At a Restaurant/ Cashing Traveler's Checks/ Getting Tour Information/ Taking a Tour/
At a Souvenir Shop/ At a Photo Shop/ Hotel Services/ Renting a Car/ At a Gas Station/ Getting Directions/ At a Shoe Store/ Making Complaints/ Sending a Parcel/ Taking a Subway/ At a Fast-Food Restaurant/ At Lost & Found/ Reconfirming a Flight 
(24 Lessons total)