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America: Images and Realities

Authors John Tilmant / Yoshihiro Niwano
Genres American Affairs /
Format B5 / 100P
Price 1,800yen(1,944yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791950928
Audio Language Amer E
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TM America: Images and Realities

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What is America really like? The 20 chapters of this text offer a panoramic view of this huge country, from politics to culture and everything in between.

Formerly known as a “melting pot,” America is now perceived more as “vegetable soup.” What are the historical and social forces that have shaped this multicultural and multi-ethnic world leader? What kind of social and cultural problems is the country now facing? America is in the vanguard of a globalizing world, where increasing diversity confronts the desire for unity. Does this mean that America's problems will soon become commonplace elsewhere?


Which America? Which Americans? / Melting Pot or Vegetable Soup? / No Easy Task / A Time for Change / Education in America / Health Care in America / Whose Right is Right? / Immigrants / The Right to Bear Arms / Soul Mates / It's My Body / On the Go / A Man's Home is His Castle / No Country for Old Men / See You in Court / Spreading the Wealth / Politically Correct / The Will of the People / One Nation / The Road Ahead (20 chapters)

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