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Reading Success 2

Full Color

Authors Akihiko Sato / Valerie Tidwell
Genres Four Skills / Reading Skills
Format B5 / 84P
Price 2,000yen(2,200yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791960224
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's Manual (3rd printing)_hs

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An early intermediate reading text that provides an enjoyable way to raise speaking, reading and writing skills

This text follows on from Reading Success 1 (Elementary), and is
designed for early intermediate students of CEFR A2 or TOEIC
400-470 level. It is designed to extend speaking, reading and writing skills in
a balanced way. Reading texts with a roughly 300-word level, such as Amazing
Koalas, will challenge learners while helping them acquire new knowledge.
Effective tasks will help students improve their reading skills while giving
them phrases they can use in everyday conversation. The teacher’s materials contain
a mini-test for each unit and two types of end-of-semester test. Book 3 in the
series, aimed at intermediate students, is due to be published in 2018.

Learning target: To improve understanding of English expressions,
and boost basic conversation, comprehension and composition skills


A Piece of History in Your Closet / Birth Order among Siblings / The Origin of Basketball / Table Manners / Music Beats / Amazing Koalas / Coffee and Healthy Life / Pyramids of Egypt / Days of Showing Your Love / Unique Career / The Story of Medusa / Genetic Modification / The Earth Day / Technology and Life (Total 14 unit)