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What’s Going On in the World?

Authors David Peaty / Kahori Kobayashi
Genres Four Skills / Social Issues /
Format B5 / 120P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791960279
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's Manual (2nd printing)

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A groundbreaking text consisting of essays on an array of social issues to stimulate discussion

This multi-skills text is designed to stimulate learners’ ability to think about a range of social issues both in Japan and overseas. With each essay around 450 words in length, key vocabulary is recycled using a range of detailed examples. The practice exercises following each essay, containing vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening comprehension and discussion exercises, will comprehensively strengthen basic English knowledge. The teacher’s materials contain a mini-test for each unit, questions for discussion and debate and URLs of websites where material was sourced.


Smart Phones Deserve Smart Users / The Animals in Our Lives / Reforming Japan's Education System /A Hungry Future / No More Unwelcome Advertisements / A Living Wage / Keeping Mothers on the Payroll / Slow Life / Volunteering / Longevity: a Mixed Blessing / The Importance of Biodiversity / A Home for Endangered Storks / Japan's Future Energy Supply / Green Transportation / How Much Is Nature Worth? / Business Can Be Green / Storing Energy / A Dollar a Day / Beyond Fair Trade / Shrink the Economy, Not the Earth ( Total 20 unit )