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New Connection <Book 3>

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Authors Teruhiko Kadoyama / Melanie Scooter / Courtney Hall
Genres Four Skills / Course Book
Format A4変判 / 152P
Price 2,200yen(2,420yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791971817
Audio Language Amer E
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The third in a series of course books that enable learners to effortlessly acquire expressions and skills for use in daily life.

This is the intermediate/advanced book in a series of comprehensive English study texts graded by level. Along with Book 1 (elementary) and Book 2 (intermediate), it is designed to help learners improve the four language skills in a stimulating and entertaining way. It contains readable 400-word passages, and the Listening & Speaking sections have a wide range of expressions covering familiar topics. Video is available, and Book 3 contains new video material. It also comes with handouts for classroom use. This book is ideal to use in conjunction with Books 1 and 2.


Small Talk / Reading for Fun / Dreams and Ambitions / Amazing Inventions / The World of Food / Art and Creativity / Going for Gold / Mysteries of the Human Body / Architectural Wonders / Loving the Earth / Expressing Yourself / Trends and Fads / Seeing the World / Therapy and Wellness (Total 14 units)