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Globalization: The Future of Japan and the World

Authors Bruce Stronach
Genres Essay / Social Issues /
Format A5 / 80P
Price 1,600yen(1,760yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791972555
Audio Language Amer E
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This intermediate-level textbook reconsiders the significance of globalization for Japan and the rest of the world today. By focusing on a variety of topics such as SNS, sports, the novel Coronavirus, and the global environment and considering each theme from various viewpoints, students will not only expand their knowledge but also develop skills that will enable them to think more clearly and express their own opinions. Also suitable as a side-reader for high school.


What is Globalization?

How Did We Get Here?

Who Are We?

Governing the World

Trade, Money, and Inequality

Traditional Culture in the Age of the Internet


Bits, Bytes, and Tik Tok

The World is a Day Away

Will Singularity Bring Us Together?

Education and Science

One Planet, One Ecosystem

Lessons from the COVID Pandemic 

Bringing It All Together

Japan’s Role in a Global Future (Total 15 Units)