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Meet the World 2023

-English through Newspapers-

Authors Yasuhiko Wakaari
Genres Four Skills / Current English /
Format B5 / 128P
Price 2,310yen(2,100yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972715
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's ManualReading Passages (2nd printing)


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This textbook consists of 20 articles from one of Japan’s leading English newspapers, The Japan News. Taking into account learners who are new to English newspapers and those who have trouble with longer texts, the articles are arranged based on word count and the difficulty of topic, and include an introduction to the particular features of newspaper English, comprehensive development of the four skills, critical thinking and self-expression, as well as boosting note-taking skills and self-expression. Teacher’s materials include four sets of exam examples and auxiliary tasks.


Unit 1     75% of 3rd-year junior high school students get news from social media 

Unit 2     Nagoya firm works to brew beer that's out of this world 

Unit 3     Not just for the elite ― China’s ex-athletes in school sport push

Unit 4     Egypt ‘digitally unwraps’ mummy of famed pharaoh 

Unit 5     NASA aims to make observations from space junk collision with Moon 

Unit 6     Hospitals to get guidelines against ransomware attacks 

Unit 7     NFT museum opens its doors in United States 

Unit 8     Tiger breeding, exports flourish in S. Africa ― charity

Unit 9     Spring in February ― UK plants flowering‘ a month early'

Unit 10   Japan, U.S. mulling tech export controls    

Unit 11   Greater support planned for tourism on remote islands

Unit 12   Govt eyes new guidelines for huge quake in Tokyo area

Unit 13   Disabled artists increasingly getting noticed by consumers

Unit 14   Time capsule from Confederate statue reveals US Civil War artifacts

Unit 15   Mother remembers ‘brutal' soldiers who terrorised Bucha

Unit 16   Fake social media accounts aimed at Ukraine, says Meta

Unit 17   Mitsubishi, Mitsui to team up on CO₂ storage project

Unit 18   Airlines search for new profit streams

Unit 19   Germany to close nuclear reactors despite energy crisis

Unit 20   Health first, freedom second? How Covid is changing democracies

(Total 20 Units)