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Good Choice -Law in Daily Life-

Authors Hideki Takaishi / Takayuki Ishii / Munekatsu Kajiyama / Joe Ciunci
Genres Four Skills / Law
Format B5 / 90P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791910144
Audio Language Amer E
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A course that focuses on legal problems in daily life that will extend knowledge of the law and improve English skills

This course focuses on legal English using actual examples of legal problems that have occurred in daily life. Each unit sets out a concrete legal problem, and students increase their legal knowledge and English ability by working out possible solutions. Spread over six pages, each unit develops the four skills through a vocabulary check, setting out the problem, grammar, dialogue for listening comprehension, composition, discussion and a column to study aspects of legal knowledge. The stories are all eventually wrapped up, and the teacher’s manual gives detailed explanations. Practicing lawyers assisted in the preparation of the text.


Can we use an umbrella left in a library? / How to protect copyrights / D ordinary people have the right of publicity? / How can lazy workers avoid being dismissed? / How to cancel a contract / Something bought but not obtained / How to use trademarks / Minors’ incompetence / Inheritance of debt / Who should the passerby file a suit against? / A way to make a debtor repay, etc. (14 units)