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Genre Approach to Paragraph Writing

Authors Yoshihito Sugita / Richard R. Caraker
Genres Writing・Paragraph Wriitng
Format B5 / 96P
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ISBN 9784791910175
Audio Language Amer E
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A practical introductory course for various types of English writing

This course targets students who are new to English paragraph writing. Which aims to help students develop writing skills that will enable them to construct 3-4 paragraph essays in various styles. After reading a variety of English texts, they will then have the opportunity to express their own ideas in writing on the same subjects, thereby improving their overall writing ability. 


Basics of Paragraph Writing / Writing a Description / Writing a Narrative / Writing a Procedure / Writing a Recount / Writing a Persuasion/ Writing a Response / Writing an Explanation / Writing an Information Report / Writing a Discussion / Writing a Formal Letter / Writing an E-mail / Writing an Informative Speech / Writing a Persuasive Speech / Genre Analysis for Writing (15 units)