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Advanced Skills for Reading

Authors Neil J. Anderson / Masayuki KAWAMATA
Genres Four Skills / Reading Skills
Format B5 / 88P
Price 1,700yen(1,870yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791910342
Audio Language Amer E
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Advanced Skills for Reading is part of an original reading series that teaches basic to advanced level students the skills necessary to read faster and with greater accuracy.

Key Features
◆Skills such as scanning, skimming, and predicting are utilized
◆Topics were carefully selected to appeal to students 
◆Various exercises reinforce comprehension and vocabulary skills
◆Each Unit Contains: Reading Skill/ Vocabulary Exercise/ Before You Read/ Reading/ Reading Comprehension/ Listening Practice/ Think It Over
◆Have I Found Ms. Right?/ How Good Is Your Memory?/ The History of Time-Keeping/ Endangered Species/ Travel Manners/ What Does a Million Dollars Buy?/ Earth's Mysterious Places/ Is an Only Child a Lonely Child?/ Homeschooling/ The Segway/ What Constitutes Art?/ Avoiding Cultural Taboos/ Robotic Surgeons/ The Challenges of Space Travel/ Changing Roles (15 Units total)