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Winning Presentations

Online Video Streaming / Full Color

Authors Akira Morita / Shinichi Harada / Kazuma Kitamura / Sayaka Sugimoto / Bill Benfield
Genres DVD / Presentation / With Web Video
Format B5 / 120P
Price 2,500yen(2,700yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791934249
Audio Language Amer E
For Members
Reading Passages for Winning PresentationsTM_Winning PresentationsTeacher's CD_Winning Presentations(Review Tests)Script CD_Winning Presentations(Replay Speed 100% / 90% / 80%)_Disk 1Script CD_Winning Presentations(Replay Speed 100% / 90% / 80%)_Disk 2

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Learn about eight different basic presentation models with a text that sets out the structure visually.

This text is accompanied by a DVD that sets out eight different basic presentation models that will help learners improve their presentation skills in both business and academic contexts. Presentation structure is shown graphically and it will also familiarize students with a range of useful words and expressions. The text is split into three sections -- Part I: Basic Knowledge for Presentations、Part II: Informative Presentations, Part III: Persuasive Presentations. Part II and Part III focuses on objectives and practical examples that will enable students to use each model in the real world.


Part I: Presentation Structure / Presentation Skills

Part II: Listing / Classification / Process /  Investigation / Part III: Persuasion /

           Problem Solution /Cause and Effect / Comparison and Contrast, etc.

(Total 14 Units)