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Global Understanding Success in International Business

Authors Makoto Shishido / Bruce Allen
Genres Four Skills / Economics / Business / Business English
Format B5 / 100P
Price 1,700yen(1,870yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791940660
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In order to succeed in the business world, it is not enough to just master the English language. English communication styles, customs and manners must also be closely studied and followed. This text follows Seiji Chiba, a fictitious employee, as he navigates his way through various business scenarios.

Key Features
◆Reading passages explore differences in American and Japanese business communication styles, practices and etiquette
◆Pair-work exercises include making a presentation, negotiating price, conducting business lunches, making claims, etc.
◆Allows intermediate level students to work on all 4 skills
◆Unit Structure: Reading / Vocabulary Study / Comprehension Questions / Dialogue / Listening Practice / Comprehension Questions / Interaction Practice / Business Writing
◆Table of Contents: Globalization in Business and Culture / Business Manners: Body Language / Names, Titles, and Terms of Respect / Business Etiquette / Individualism and Group Spirit / Working Overseas / Coping with Language and Culture Shock / Hospitality and Friendship / Negotiations / Cultural Differences / Negotiating for "Win- Win" Solutions / US and Japanese Business: A Case Study / Marketing, Advertising, and Distribution / Communication in the "Thumb Generation" / Women in the International Workplace / Changes in Employment Systems / Establishing Trust in International Business / International Business and the Internet / Business and the Law : Foreign Lawsuits / Questions about Globalization and Free Trade / What is Success in the Global Business World ?
(20 Lessons total)