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The Earth and Our Health

Authors Toshihiko Kobayashi / Shawn M. Clankie
Genres Four Skills / Environment
Format B5 / 96P
Price 1,800yen(1,980yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791940752
Audio Language Amer E
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This text utilizes basic English to examine environmental and health issues that have an impact on our quality of life. While developing their English skills, students will increase their awareness of the world they live in.

Key Features
◆Topics selected from Voice Of America broadcasts, a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government
◆Variety of relevant current topics, ranging from the importance of a good night's sleep to drug-resistant bacteria and solar energy
◆Integrated material to improve all four skills 
◆Unit Structure: Warm-Up / Reading / Reading Comprehension: True or False / Listening Comprehension: Multiple- Choice / Listening Perception: Fill in the Blanks / Writing / Speaking 
◆Table of Contents: A Good Night's Sleep: How Sleep Improves Learning / Walking Your Way to Better Health / An Unhealthy Choice: Smoking / I'm Stressed Out! Stress and Illness / Hahhhhhhchu! Allergies / Preventing Cancer: Knowing the Warning Signs / Is a Little Alcohol Healthy? / Playing Mother Nature: Genetically Engineering Crops / What's Really in My Food? Organic Food Labeling / Getting a Extra Boost: Sports Supplements / Better than Chicken Soup? A New Cold Medicine / Drug-resistant Superbugs / Global Warming: A Global Warning / Solar Energy: A Gift from the Sun / A Drop in the Bucket: Storing Drinking Water / A Brown Cloud over Asia / Cleaning up the Mess: Oil Spills / Building a Nuclear Mountain / When Have All the Forests Gone? / Dust in the Wind / Keeping the Dead Sea Alive 
(21 Units total)