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First Time Abroad

Authors Kimio Sato
Genres Video / Conversation
Format B5 / 91P
Price 2,200yen(2,000yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791945382
Audio Language Amer E
For Members
Teacher's Manual


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First Time Abroad is a video-based course that showcases basic travel English necessary for those traveling abroad. With over 26 different scenarios to learn from, this text is full of short and simple phrases and expressions that students will find useful.

Key Features
◆Advertisements, pamphlets, billboards, menus and other documents are featured to reinforce comprehension 
◆Unit Structure: Guess the Meaning/ Comprehension Check/ Complete the Dialog/Substitution Drills/ Role Play/ Reading for Information
◆Table of Contents: On a Flight: Taking a Seat/ On a Flight: Meal Service/ Immigration/ Customs/ Checking in at a Hotel/ Seeing the Room/ Guest Services/ Checking Out/ Tourist Information/ Taking a City Bus/ Taking a Taxi/ Renting a Car/ Asking Directions/ At a Museum/ At a Golf Shop/ Going to the Theater/ At a Department Store/ Shopping for a Souvenir/ Breakfast at a Hotel/ Lunch at a Fast-Food Place/ Making a Dinner Reservation/ Dinner at a Restaurant/ At a Post Office/ Making a Phone Call/ Lost and Found/ Going to a Doctor (26 Chapters total)