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Travel English at Your Fingertips –Revised Edition–

Authors Takuji Shimada / Bill Benfield
Genres Listening・Speaking / Travel English
Format B5 / 96P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791971855
Audio Language Amer E
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Revised edition of a long-term best seller. Provides realistic and useful practice in dealing with commonly encountered situations when traveling overseas

In our globalized era, the ability to communicate in English is becoming more and more necessary. This is a comprehensive text that focuses on listening to cultivate the communication skills necessary for situations that commonly occur when making an overseas trip. Each unit contains a variety of exercises such as comprehension questions, dictation, related dialogs, useful expressions, translation, and reading for information. Useful expressions are presented through model dialogues, making them easy to acquire. Each unit comes with a mini-test.


In-Flight Announcements / At Immigration and Customs / Getting to a Hotel / Checking into a Hotel / Checking in without Reservation / At a Restaurant / Taking the Subway / At a Fast Food Restaurant / Hotel Services / Booking a Tour / Health Care / Shopping / Making Complaints / Dealing with Problems / At the Airport (Total 15 units)