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Communication in the Real World Tasks for TOEIC® Test Preparation

Authors Samuela Eckstut / Masayuki Aoki
Genres Listening・Speaking / TOEIC® ・TOEIC® [Supplementary]
Format B5 / 88P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791945733
Audio Language Amer E
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Communication in the Real World is a listening and reading text that is geared towards high-beginning to low-intermediate college level students. This text bridges the gap between classroom English and English that is used in the real world, while simultaneously providing preparation for the TOEICtest

Key Features
◆Listening passages are recorded at normal speeds to allow students to
“Tune their Ears ”to natural spoken English
◆News broadcasts, recorded messages, announcements and lectures are featured
◆Reading passages provide practice in skimming, scanning and guessing meaning through context
◆TOEIC exercises are included in each chapter
◆Unit Structure: Listening Tasks/ Fill in the Blanks / TOEIC Mastery Exercises
◆Table of Contents: Introducing Yourself/ Telephoning/ Money/ Leaving a Message/ Talking About Where Things Are/ Going Places/ In the News/ Talking About People/ Finding a Place to Live/ Having a Good Time/ Getting Around/ Eating Out/ Staying Healthy/ Getting a Job/ At School (15 Units total)

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