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Science Updates

Authors Hiroto Nagata / Bill Benfield
Genres Four Skills / Science /
Format B5 / 103P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791947836
Audio Language Amer E
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Can fish live on land? Can we eat insects? This book will bring you up to speed with the latest scientific developments.

This multi-skills book looks at the latest findings in life sciences, nature and space exploration, taking in the past, present and future. While consolidating basic English skills, it will help students to acquire communicative ability through practice in areas such as basic verbs, idioms and sentence structure. Encompassing topics such as strange creatures from the deep seas, abnormal weather, crop circles, the mysteries of sleep and batteries made from bacteria, it will give students the chance to find out more about some fascinating scientific topics.


Four-Legged Fish / Reproduction without Males / Deeper and Deeper // An Explosive World Heritage / Fierce Fungi / Extreme Weather // The Wolf Girls of Bengal / Finding Nessie / Crop Circles // Smart Roots / Insecticide Resistance / Unwelcome Guests // Galileo’s Inclined Plane / All the Colors of the Rainbow / Watching the Earth Move // The G Factor / A Trip to the Land of Nod / Lab-Grown Organs // Looking for New Earths / Weird and Wonderful Worlds / The Invisible Universe // Eating Bugs / Bacterial Batteries / Carbon Capture and Storage (Total 24 units)