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Science Explorer

Authors Takayuki Ishii / Masahiko Iwata / Yuko Matsumura / Chinatsu Hirata / Osamu Yamaguchi / Joe Ciunci
Genres Four Skills / Science /
Format B5 / 120P
Price 2,200yen(2,000yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791971831
Audio Language Amer E
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The title alone will inspire interest! The 20 carefully selected topics are drawn from the world around us.

This comprehensive text covers a number of fascinating topics that give scientific explanations for some very familiar questions such as why eggs are oval in shape, the truth of the Tanabata legend, and how we use the concept of zero. The topics cover a wide range of fields including living creatures, health, technology, the universe and mathematics. There is also a variety of practice exercises that provide input in reading for writing and speaking output. There are also quizzes for each unit.


Is Red a Stimulating Color? / Why Are Giant Pandas Black and White? / Secrets of Primates’ Forward-facing Eyes / Why Are Eggs Oval? / Can Eyesight Be Improved While We Sleep? / Excessive Intake of Vitamin C Leads to Diarrhea / Mechanism of Sugar Addiction and How to Break It / Honey Does Not Prevent a Cavity / Future Use of Computers / Ice, Pet Cats, Stamps, and Microwave Ovens / The Unknown Effects of Tatami / Voice Recognition Sounds Great for Security / Will Space Exploration Unlock the Secrets of the Universe? / Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star-How I Wonder How Bright You Are! / A Story of Folding Paper, etc.(Total 20 units)