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2024 NEW

Science Inspirations

Authors Dave Rear
Genres Four Skills / Science /
Format B5判 / 136P
Price 2,200yen(2,000yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972876
Audio Language Amer E

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Does hypnosis really work? Can we grow plants on the moon? Can we bring back species that were once extinct? Covering five different topic areas – Nature and the Environment, Humans and Society, Space and Exploration, Health and Medicine, and The Future Now – this book answers all these questions and more. As they learn about a variety of scientific topics, students complete activities to extend their skills in reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and discussion. A list of the key vocabulary is given at the end of the student book while extra quizzes are provided in the teacher’s manual.


UNIT 1   Extinct No More: Can We Bring Back Mammoths?

UNIT 2   That Sinking Feeling: Cities Returning to the Sea

UNIT 3   The Meat Problem: Solutions from the Lab

UNIT 4   The Science of Size: Why Aren’t Land Mammals Bigger?

UNIT 5   Helping the Deaf: The Teen Who Translates Sign Language

UNIT 6   Feline Truths: How to Make Your Cat Love You

UNIT 7   Mind Control: Does Hypnosis Really Work?

UNIT 8   Science for All: The Rise of Citizen Scientists

UNIT 9   Real After All: NASA’s Growing Interest in UFOs

UNIT 10    Hard Gardening: Growing Plants on the Moon

UNIT 11    Seeds of Life: Hayabusa’s Great Discovery

UNIT 12    Unlimited Resources: The Prospect of Mining Space

UNIT 13    An Itchy Problem: The Science of Mosquito Bites

UNIT 14    Goodbye Diets? The Exercise Pill

UNIT 15    Regeneration King: The Incredible Power of the Liver

UNIT 16    Straight to Target: Robots That Swim in the Blood

UNIT 17    Closer to Humans: Developing Robots with Skin

UNIT 18     A New Solution: Plastic-Eating Enzymes

UNIT 19    No More Noisy Neighbors: Soundproof Wallpaper

UNIT 20    Space Planes: Tokyo to Los Angeles in One Hour

(Total 20 Units)