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Science Finder

Authors Jonathan Lynch / Kotaro Shitori
Genres Four Skills / Science /
Format B5 / 100P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791960255
Audio Language Amer E
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A wide range of fascinating scientific topics

This multi-skills text is made up of carefully selected intriguing topics, from unbreakable glass to lazy ants. It aims to boost students’ scientific knowledge as they come to grips with the English content. The rich variety of practice exercises elicits comprehension through true/false questions along with listening and writing exercises. The teacher’s material contains questions in each unit that can be used as mini-tests. 


LiquiGlide / Unbreakable Glass / Robots Are Winning / Li-Fi / Enceladus / The Ninth Planet / Dyson Sphere / When Will We See a Great Comet? / A New Antibiotic Found in the Soil / The Healthiest Drink? / Live to Be 120 / Health Advice for Fashion Lovers / Why Are Some People Better at Learning Languages? / Digital Amnesia / Sleep Paralysis / The McCollough Effect / The World’s
Oldest Creature? / Lazy Ants / (Almost) Vegetarian Bears / Animals and Earthquakes( Total 20 unit )