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Science Arena

Authors Dave Rear
Genres Science / Four Skills /
Format B5 / 114P
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ISBN 9784791972289
Audio Language Amer E
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This four-skills text, intended to boost the overall English competence of intermediate learners, takes familiar themes and treats them from the viewpoint of the most recent scientific developments. Divided into five categories — humans, health, nature, space, and the future — it introduces the most fascinating current topics in cutting-edge science. Encompassing both science and the humanities, it presents stimulating topics not just in a reading format but also by means of various speaking and writing activities. There is also a separate supplement with the important scientific vocabulary practiced in the text.


Real-Life Super Humans
The Advances of Sports Science
Can You Get Smarter in Your Sleep?
The Hidden Benefits of Boredom
Fighting the Menace of Mosquitoes
Growing Food in the Desert
Living at the Bottom of the World
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
The Most Mysterious Star in the Universe
Space Flight for Everyone
Could Humans Live on Mars?
Origami for Science
The Future of High-Speed Travel
Computer Revolution
Clothes to Help You Move, etc.(Total 20 Units)