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Science Stream

Authors Phillip Rowles / Yoshinobu Nozaki / Kazuko Matsumoto
Genres Four Skills / Science /
Format B5 / 136P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791972463
Audio Language Amer E
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Reading Passages (2nd Edition)Teacher's Manual

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This comprehensive intermediate textbook brings together several scientific topics that will engage learners’ curiosity and interest regardless of their main field of study. Covering topics such as 21stcentury cloning technology, next-generation thermal power generation, and the use of AI in the world of Go, it will give students practice in the ability to read and digest texts at the 400-500 word level. It also contains a wide range of well-balanced activities such as content comprehension, grammar and vocabulary questions, and writing and discussion, which are cleverly designed to stretch learners’ English ability. Teacher’s materials contain a mini-test for each unit.


Sink or Swim

Biology of Microbes

The Last Moment Matters 

Drift Ice Comes

Between Low and High Tides 

Ensuring Marine Resources

Old Meets New Technology

Intelligence Driving Our Future 

Hay Fever Horror

Stem Cell Heaven or Hell 

4th Dimensions of Insects, etc. (Total 20 Units)