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Science in Focus

Authors Kevin Cleary / Yoshinobu Nozaki / Kazuko Matsumoto
Genres Four Skills / Environment / Science /
Format B5 / 104P
Price 2,090yen(1,900yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791950829
Audio Language Amer E
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A fresh approach to science reading texts based on understanding aspects of everyday science.

This is an integrated skills text that focuses on themes of contemporary relevance from the standpoint of science. The 15 topics take in nature, the environment, health and energy, and how these are changing. In addition to vocabulary and grammar, the unique practice exercises focus on paragraph ordering and deepening comprehension. Mini-essays in each chapter help students their knowledge of the topic by viewing it from a different angle. The teacher’s materials contain short tests. 


Out of Ice / Extrasolar Planet/ For the Benefit of the Patient / The Tragedy of the Commons / Telemedicine / Making Music / Yoga / Forest Therapy / The Uncanny Valley / Renewable Energy / Electric Vehicles / Rose / Biomimicry / Neglected Tropical Diseases / Organic Food (15 chapters)