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World Wide English on DVD Volume 1 -Revised Edition-

Full Color

Authors Akira Morita / Akihiko Sato / Atsushi Fujimoto / Yuko Yamamoto / Daichi Ikutani / Bill Benfield
Genres DVD / Online Video Streaming
Format B5 / 96P
Price 2,500yen(2,750yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791947911
Audio Language Amer E / Brit E / 他
For Members
Teacher's Manual (2nd printing)Script CDTeacher's CDExamination CD

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Revised edition of the popular text featuring attractive young English speakers from around the globe. An upgraded version with each page in full color!

This DVD-based courses aims to improve students’ vocabulary and basic English proficiency using natural English from attractive young English speakers around the world. This revised edition has new DVD summaries and updated exercises. And the new full-color pages give an added sense of realism to the places featured. There are six settings – the U.S. (Los Angeles), Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, England and the Bahamas. The teacher’s manual contains a syllabus plan, as well as a mini-test for each unit and two end-of-semester tests.


Meeting Different Kinds of People (Los Angeles) / Being a Typical Scot, and Proud of It (Scotland) / A Young Adventurer in Ottawa (Canada) /An Interesting Walk with Sophie (New Zealand) /Living Your Life to the Maximum (England) /Making Steps to Achieve Your Goals (The Bahamas), etc. (Total 14 units)