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Strategies for Better Communication

Authors Stephen Hall / Troy Blappert / Makoto Shishido
Genres Conversation / Travel English
Format B5変型判 / 88P
Price 1,600yen(1,760yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791951017
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Strategies for Better Communication is a listening and speaking based text which introduces different strategies that are effective for smooth communication. Through situations commonly encountered during trips abroad, students will learn how to express themselves in a variety of different ways.

Key Features
◆Variety of exercises that introduce successful strategies for effective communication
◆Listening exercises that reinforce proper intonation and pronunciation
◆Practice examples teach students how to vary levels of politeness and emotion
◆Unit Structure: Previewing/ Interaction Strategies/ Listening Strategies/ Language Workout/ Sound Workout/ Expression Workout/ Team Work/ Cultural Strategies
◆Table of Contents: My name is Michael Johnson/ I get to travel a lot/ Where's the Chinese restaurant?/ What time does this store close?/ Can I reserve a table for two for 8:00 p.m.?/ I'd prefer a window seat/ I'd like to check in, please/ I'd like a wake up call, please/ Where are we going tomorrow?/ I'd like a sandwich, please/ There are no towels in my room/ May I speak to Mr. Park?/ How do I get to the post office?/ How much are these chocolates?/ I'll pay by cash/ Thank you. We had a lovely time here (16 Units total)