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Talking with Your Patients in English

Authors Mitsuko Hirano / Christine D. Kuramoto / Ryota Ochiai
Genres Online Video Streaming / Medicine Health English for Nursing Welfare English for Early Childhood Education Majors
Format B5 / 96P
Price 2,500yen(2,750yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791971930
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's Manual (2nd printing)Script CD (Replay Speed 100% / 90% / 80%)

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Treating and interacting with foreign patients in English. A text for nursing students with an animation component.

In recent years, nursing staff are having to treat an increasing number of foreign patients, and nurses with the ability to interact with patients in English are in ever greater demand. This book uses animation to present typical conversations in English with foreign patients in clinical settings. In addition, it includes a number of expressions that can be used while treating patients and extensive medical vocabulary. The units are structured so that even beginning nursing students can learn easily. It also includes several illustrations that provide visual backup to aid greater understanding of nursing English.


Welcoming a Patient / Taking Vital Signs / Pain Assessment / Feeling So Sick! / Symptom / Transferring a Patient / Medical Departments / Personal Care (daily life assistance) / Giving Medication to Patient/ Elimination / Excretion / Chronic Diseases / chronic disease / Critical Care / Operating Room / Pregnancy Check-up (pregnancy test) etc. (Total 14 units)