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Fundamental Science in English Ⅱ

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Authors Taichi Kameyama / Akiko Aoyama / Jun Takeda / Fumiko Ishinuki / Hidetoshi Inoue / Makoto Omori / Naoki Satake / Takashi Sugahara / Naomi Segawa / Shunsuke Tanemura / Mayumi Hattori / Takuro Fujita / Tetsuhiro Maeda / Yuki Miyamoto / Kazunori Mori / Satoshi Kamiya / Yoshikazu Takagoshi
Genres Science and Technology English・COCET Vocabulary
Format B5 / 120P
Price 2,000yen(2,200yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791971954
Audio Language Amer E
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Reading Passages (2nd printing)Teacher's Manual

♦There is also a separate workbook for student use.

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The second edition of an English text aimed at students of technology, science and engineering, focusing on the elements necessary to attain expert level.

This text is designed to help students learn and express basic mathematical knowledge and concepts in English. It is ideal for students enrolled in faculties of science and engineering in colleges and universities. Encompassing subjects such as trigonometric ratios, calculus, earthquakes, and chemical reactions, this text is written at a higher level than its predecessor. It is intended to stretch students aiming to be engineers and researchers. There is also a separate workbook for student use this year.The teacher’s manual contains a syllabus plan and rubrics.


Trigonometry / Elements / Force / Calculus / Waves / Earthquake / Electromagnetism / Cells and Reproduction / Chemical Reactions / Weather

(各Lesson3 - 4 parts composition ) (Total 33 units)