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Global Pathways

Authors Jonathan Lynch / Kotaro Shitori
Genres Four Skills / Economics / Business / Business English
Format B5 / 90P
Price 2,200yen(2,000yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972487
Audio Language Amer E
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Reading Passages (2nd Edition)Teacher's Manual

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With this comprehensive textbook, students will learn not only about the world of business, but also about the latest social developments through carefully selected and engaging themes such as gig work, subscriptions, and eSports. The 350 word-level texts are accompanied by a wide range of activities that take in vocabulary, comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will also focus consciously on grammar. Teacher’s materials contain mini-tests for each unit as well as end-of-semester exams.


UNIT 1    Gig Work ギグワーク

UNIT 2    Your Boss is from Overseas 外国人上司

UNIT 3    Bitcoin ビットコイン

UNIT 4    Working from Home リモートワーク

UNIT 5    Kickstarter クラウドファンディング

UNIT 6    Esports e スポーツビジネス

UNIT 7    Unicorns ユニコーン企業

UNIT 8    How Do Modern Musicians Make Money? 音楽ビジネス

UNIT 9    Space Business 宇宙旅行ビジネス

UNIT 10  Going Cashless from a Business’s Perspective


UNIT 11  Workations ワーケーション

UNIT 12  The Future of “Hanko” はんこの未来

UNIT 13  Subscription Services エンタメ系サブスクサービス

UNIT 14  Japanese High-End Denim Industry 日本の高品質デニム

UNIT 15  Pop-Up Retail ポップアップストア

(Total 15 Units)

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