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2022 NEW

Understanding the World Today

Authors Dave Rear
Genres Essay / Social Issues /
Format B5 / 128P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791972548
Audio Language Amer E
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Reading Passages (2nd Edition)Teacher's Manual

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This textbook is made up of advanced reading materials that deal with the up-to-the-minute social issues. The essays, running to around 850 words, are written in high-quality English and focus on four fields: economy and work, society and culture, language and learning, and science and technology. In addition to activities designed to improve reading and listening comprehension and vocabulary, there are also discussion topics that will sharpen critical thinking skills. Teacher’s materials include mini-tests for each unit.


100-Yen Shops: Still going strong

Work-Life Balance: Do it like the Germans

Lasting the Ages: Japan’s 200-year-old companies

Tricks of the Trade: How companies get us to spend

The Secret Life of Gamers: The boy who escaped his body

Social Media: Big tech’s addiction to addiction

Happiness: What is the secret?

Mentalism: Mastering the human brain

Vaccines: A history of keeping us safe

International Space Station: Is it worth the money?, etc. (Total 20 Units)