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2024 NEW

Grand Tour - New Discoveries

Authors Anthony Sellick / James Bury / Kaori Horiuchi
Genres Essay / Social Issues /
Format B5判 / 136P
Price 2,200yen(2,000yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972937
Audio Language Amer E

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This advanced reading textbook covers a wide array of societal topics. Each essay is around 850 words in length, an ideal length for close reading. The content covers a wide range of subjects, from the importance of sportsmanship and the human transplantation of a pig's heart to the value of education and the significant influence of anime. It aims to enhance vocabulary and cultivate critical thinking skills while also incorporating activities such as writing and discussion to promote active thinking. Teacher’s materials include quizzes and supplementary activities for each unit.


Chapter 1   Who’s the Fairest of Them All?:The Surprising Truth About Beauty

Chapter 2   Fan Fiction, Cosplay, and Rock Balancing:

                     The World’s Most Unusual Hobbies

Chapter 3   It’s All a Part of the Game:The Ethics of Sport

Chapter 4   I’m Bored:How Boredom Can Be Good for Us

Chapter 5   Go Whistle!:A Different Way of Communicating

Chapter 6   Now You See It:What Magic Can Tell Us About Our Minds

Chapter 7   Creator or Created?:Social Media and Narcissism

Chapter 8   The Man With a Pig’s Heart:What Is Xenotransplantation?

Chapter 9   Not Just a Flu Shot:How Vaccines Have Changed Our Lives

Chapter 10 Bad Air:The Hidden Dangers of Air Pollution

Chapter 11 Marketing Mistakes:When Advertising Doesn’t Pay

Chapter 12 Bought and Sold:Who Owns Life?

Chapter 13 The High Price of Poverty:What Is the Poverty Premium?

Chapter 14 Every Little Helps:How Much Money Do We Need?

Chapter 15 The Cost of Learning:What Is Education Worth?

Chapter 16 Help or Hindrance?:The Impact of Foreign Aid

Chapter 17 How to Change the World:Peaceful Protest 

Chapter 18 It’s My Right:How Do We Balance Competing Rights?

Chapter 19 Population Power:The Economic Impact of Immigration

Chapter 20 Anime, Disney, and Democracy:What Is Soft Power?

(Total 20 Units)