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Global Perspectives Listening & Speaking Book 2


Authors Noriko Nakanishi / Nicholas Musty / Shoko Otake / Tam Shuet Ying / Yuki Ebihara / Keiji Fujimura
Genres Listening・Speaking / Course Book / EnglishCentral
Format A4変型判 / 96P
Price 2,750yen(2,500yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972623
Audio Language Amer E / Brit E / 他
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These texts at Intermediate(CEFR A2-B1) level will enhance listening and speaking skills by focusing on topics that are familiar to students. The books present rhythmic characteristics and sound changes in English that tend to hinder listening and fluency, and also explain the use of phrases that will aid communication on each topic. In addition to containing various listening questions such as dictation and comprehension, these books aim to improve learners’ range of expression and vocabulary through pair- and group-based conversation practice. Teacher’s materials also include an oral presentation format for expressing personal opinions. Ideal as comprehensive study materials.

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Unit 1     Academic Research (学術的な研究について考えよう)

Unit 2     Social issues in Japan  (日本の社会について考えよう)

Unit 3     Personal Safety  (身の回りの安全について考えよう)

Unit 4     Gender (社会的性差について考えよう)

Unit 5     Religion (世界の宗教について考えよう)

Unit 6     Business  (国際ビジネスについて考えよう)

Unit 7     Career (キャリア形成について考えよう)

Unit 8     Japanese Culture (日本の文化について考えよう)

Unit 9     Law and Peace  (法と平和について考えよう)

Unit 10   Ethnicity  (民族性について考えよう)

Unit 11   Science and Scientist (科学について考えよう)

Unit 12   Styles of Writing (書きことばと話しことばの違いについて考えよう)

(Total 12 Units)