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Trend Scope

Supports TESTUDY online study (with tests)

Authors Jonathan Lynch / Kotaro Shitori
Genres Four Skills / Social Issues / Grammar・Sentence Pattern / TESTUDY
Format B5 / 98P
Price 2,640yen(2,400yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972654
Audio Language Amer E
For Members
Teacher's ManualReading Passages (2nd Edition)Teacher's CD Review Test 1,2

♦Supports TESTUDY online study (with tests)  →for details


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This comprehensive textbook centers on themes that will be both familiar and interesting for university students, such as resellers, the“Dislike” button on SNS, and online classes. Students will be able to understand what is happening in their daily lives in simple English, and they will develop the ability to communicate it further. The text is designed not only to impart the four skills but also grammar. In addition to a quiz for each unit, the teacher’s materials also include end-of-semester exams. Compatible with TESTUDY online learning (with tests).

●Supports TESTUDY online study (with tests) →for details


UNIT 1     Resellers ― Good or Bad?

UNIT 2     About Earphones

UNIT 3     Cash Registers

UNIT 4     Funny Happenings During Online Lessons

UNIT 5     Loose-Fitting Clothing

UNIT 6     Shrinkflation

UNIT 7     Living in the Countryside

UNIT 8     Hanging Out in Streets and Parks

UNIT 9     Plant Burgers Are Popular in America

UNIT 10   South Korean Culture Is Popular Worldwide

UNIT 11   Doxing

UNIT 12   Fast Movies

UNIT 13   Do We Need a “Dislike” Button on Social Media?

UNIT 14   Ramen Subscription

UNIT 15   Which Video-Sharing App Is Best?

(Total 15 Units)